Owen Campbell

” He stands out from the homogenous field…” VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE USA 2017

After 3 best selling studio albums, 2 EP’s and over 12 years of international touring, Owen Campbell has cemented himself as one of Australia’s premier blues/rock exports. He has performed in many corners of the world from the USA, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Holland, Japan, Hong Kong, India and even performed at the highest blues festival in the world, The Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has produced 3 best selling albums on the iTunes Blues Charts in over 10 countries. One of which “Sunshine Road” reached no1 on the overall charts (Australia), knocking Adele of the top spot back in 2014.

Originally hailing from Canberra Australia, Owen began playing at the age of 9 years old, guided by a diverse range of influences and a strong musical family, by the age of 17 he was performing in clubs and cutting his teeth performing wherever he could. Now at the age of 35 he continues to perform to audiences all over the world.

A gumbo of influences

Campbell first strummed a guitar at age 9, a gift from his musician father that launched his musical journey. The 35-year-old Campbell’s strongest musical influences were blues-rock musicians from America and the U.K. – and his own household.

“My father was a big influence,” he says. “But so were Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Band, and the Rolling Stones. I always liked the way The Band brought variety and diversity to their sound. My sound has bits of country, soul, roots, and rock. I love the variations.”

Today, Campbell brings a gumbo-like repertoire to performances all over the world. His smoldering guitar work runs from bluesy riffs to soulful finger-picking to lap steel guitar solos using a shot glass slide. His eclectic mix of rock-influenced songwriting results from years of busking – performing on the streets of cities across Australia and Europe. “Throughout my 20’s I would perform wherever I could, even busking on the street. I really cut my teeth playing on the streets, its really an incredible way to hone your skills. For years I would busk and that would finance the touring, it was a great little system that allowed me to play music 24/7 and make a living” Says Owen.

Now, Campbell is gearing up to release his 4th Studio album with the introduction of a new band;

Owen Campbell and The Frontier Wars.

“I thought it was time to do something different so I enlisted a group of talented friends and musical pilgrims and we congregated at a farm/studio in the hills outside of Cootamundra, NSW. We laid down the soul of the album over a few melting summer days and I quickly realised this was going to be something special. After so many years and albums I finally feel like Ive found my musical homeland in this album. Easily one of the most rewarding RocknRoll experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to take part in”.

The self titled album “Owen Campbell and The Frontier Wars” will be released sometime in mid 2019. 

Stay tuned.

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